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At the present time this blog site is no longer being updated, please follow paulmpagisepuya.tumblr.com for announcements, updates, and snapshots.

Adam Pendleton Portfolio.



If you’re considering a holiday gift, a portrait commission is a great suggestion!

Contact me for more information.



Three pieces of mine at the home of Frederick de Wachter and Alberto Artesani, Milan.

Including a commission double-portrait of the couple. Photographed for the chic fish.



Setting up to install an excerpt of Studio Work at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, opening this Saturday May 5.

item idem and Peter Mountain Works.


I shot some photos for my friend Cyril (item idem) and his design collaboration for Peter Mountain Works, on a limited edition backpack. Look for them in select stores soon! Item Idem blog here.

Play smart.

I contributed to Visual AIDS’ ongoing safe-sex project. Thanks to Diego, Ryan and Tony for modeling it up for a good cause!  From the Visual AIDS website:

Play Smart trading cards are an honest and straight-forward approach to promote harm reduction, HIV testing and post-exposure prophylaxis. Play Smart is packaged with two trading cards, a sticker, condoms and lube. The back of each trading card features information to help you play smart.

The Play Smart packets are distributed free in New York.

New blog site.

So I’ve moved the blog over to this new location at www.paulsepuya.com/blog/, if you have any bookmarks or subscriptions please update them. New blog posts coming soon.

You can probably see that my website has been redone as well. I’m still working out a few kinks but it’s basically up and running now.

Printed Matter Grants for Artists.

I was honored to be a juror along with Geoff Hendricks and Robin Kahn for the first annual Printed Matter Grants for Artists last month. There was so much great work to look at, it was hard to narrow it down to the recipients. Below is the blurb from Artnet, and here’s the link to Printed Matter’s press release.

Printed Matter, the pioneering artists’ book store, has made its first grants to artists who make books. A jury of three artists — Geoff Hendricks, Robin Kahn and Paul Mpagi Sepuya — chose ten artists from a list of 63 nominated candidates. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts is funding the program, which gives each artist $2,500. The winners are Osa Atoe, Heather Benjamin, Nicholas Dumit Estevez, Edie Fake, Eve Fowler, Chitra Ganesh, K8 Hardy, Arnold Kemp, Julio Cesar Morales and Carlo Quispe. Printed Matter plans an exhibition of the winning artists in the fall.

BFA Basic Finances for Artists at LMCC

I recommend every artist in New York sign up for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Basic Finance for Artists workshop. I attended last summer and it was well worth it.

Basic Finance for Artists, a six-week intensive seminar on money management and personal finance for individual artists is back this Spring.

Designed especially for artists, Basic Finance for Artists is a free, concentrated, six-week series of workshops that will help develop financial awareness and balance through practical training in money management. Workshops provide a combination of seminar-style learning and hands-on group and individual exercises.
Experts in the field and guest artists will help lead the workshops and address issues that are relevant to artist-specific needs.

Registration is open April 1–20, 2009.

Date & Time: Tuesdays, May 12-June 16, 4–7PM
Location: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 125 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor

Click here for program information, schedule, and registration.

Envoy is enterprises.

envoy enterprises (formerly and informally known as envoy gallery) has new contact info:


CAA Conference Los Angeles.

So my job (yes, how-I-pay-the-bills) is with the Joan Mitchell Foundation and I am Director of Artists Support. I work with our grants programs for individual artists, help develop ways of engaging grants recipients more directly and personally, and am in charge of a new support program in development for older artists called Creating a Lasting Legacy. Here’s the deal: It’s about combining the use of technology, strategic planning, skills-building, and grant assistance to empower older artists to take ownership of the documentation and evaluation of their life’s work and personal legacies.

But the issues of proper documentation and record keeping of work are not just things to think about when you’re 50, 60, or 80, and stressing the importance to young, emerging and mid-career artists, as well as the galleries, institutions, collectors and the networks that support and preserve artists’ work, is something I hope to continue.

So the point of this is that I think it’s an often underlooked part of an artist’s career (don’t leave it til you’re dead and gone!), and also I should be posting more things about the job that supports me making my artwork, especially where practical applications may be useful to other artists. The fabulous artists Mildred Howard from Berkeley, Roberta K. Tarbell, of Rutgers University and the Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association, and I gave a panel talk at the College Art Association out here in LA.

Here is some information about the session today:

Artists: Develop a Lifetime Inventory.

Chair: Roberta K. Tarbell, Rutgers University, Camden
Creating a Lasting Legacy: The Joan Mitchell Foundation Supports Elder Artists – Paul Sepuya, Joan Mitchell Foundation

My Experience Starting a Lifetime Inventory – Mildred Howard, independent artist, Berkeley

A paper will be published from today’s meeting, and if anyone is interested in more information email me at paul at joanmitchellfoundation dot org. We hope to provide tools for artists of all ages and career points, to, as we say, KEEP ARTISTS’ WORK OUT OF THE DUMPSTER AND ACCESSIBLE TO SCHOLARS, STUDENTS, AND THE FUTURE.

Studies by TM.

Artmaking is reciprocal. Check out TM’s blog, with some studies he did of me and of me making a portrait of Liam.


Davin came across the blog of someone on Barcelona who does drawings and other works that are based on images he’s culled from artworks, the internet, etc. Above are his copies of my portraits of Alex and Jeffrey. It’s funny that I ‘ve joked that I make photographs because I’m too impatient to take the time to draw or paint anything. And besides I think whoever this guy is, he did a pretty great job of rendering the same feeling that I edit for in the portraits.

From his blog (copiadas.blogspot.com):

El creador Pier Paolo Pasolini entendía la realidad como un lenguage de signos que determina nuestra manera de relacionarnos con ella. El modo en que una imagen nos habla en cualquiera de sus filmes, es el mismo que el de la imagen real que fue recogida por la cámara.
Influenciado por esa reflexión sobre el lenguaje de las imágenes, (recogido en el libro “palabra de corsario”) realizo una instalación con dibujos y pinturas, de pequeño formato, utilizando elementos que no son míos y de los cuales me apropio: fotografías de Hedi Slimane o Paul Sepuya y textos del propio Pasolini, que por medio de un juego semiótico propician un dialogo sobre fe, religión y realidad. El conjunto es la tercera entrega de la serie “Copiadas” y se presenta en la galería DistritoQuinto de Barcelona.
La muestra estará compartida con las acuarelas que Rafael Castañer ha creado en la serie “Genesis”.

Del 6 al 20 de Marzo de 2008
Inauguración jueves 6 de Marzo a las 20:00 h
DistritoQuinto Galería
C/ Fernandina, 53
08001 Barcelona

That portrait of Alex seems to be a popular source image. Jean-Baptiste Biche used it in a wallpaper pattern back in 2006. His website is here.

am Haus Ulrich’s in Berlin

Hallo von Berlin! ich verstecke mich hinter BUTT

Ulrich, Berlin, 2006